Why is Software openGL selected and greyed out in SolidWorks with my Intel Graphics Card?

John Peros

If you go to options, performance in SolidWorks, Use Software OpenGL is selected and greyed out (can't be unselected), what can I do about this?

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    John Peros

    This seems to be a SolidWorks forced setting and can be changed in the Registry.  Simply go to Hkey_Current_User > Software > SolidWorks > Solidworks 2013 (or whatever version you have) > Performance > Graphics > Hardware > Intel > Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (or whatever card you have).  In the right, you will see a key called Workaround with a value of 10.  Change that value to 9 and re-launch SolidWorks.  Use Software OpenGL will now be unchecked.

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    Hunter Cordeiro

    If you don't have permission to edit the registry you can also launch SolidWorks in OpenGL mode from the Rx tool.

    Start>all programs>solidworks(version)>solidworks tools>SolidWorksRX

    under the "home" tab in the RX tool there is an option to start SolidWorks in OpenGL mode as well as an option to launch while bypassing the non-default system options.