What is DriveWorks?

DriveWorks is a custom set of protocols to help automate your design process.  DriveWorksXpress is included in every version of SolidWorks and the video below from DriveWorks will give you a better idea of how the program can automate your design.  Please contact your Account Manager for more information on the two full versions of DriveWorks (Solo and Pro) that are available through Hawk Ridge Systems.  The full versions increase the amount of automation and can help you build a custom order form for your customers/colleagues.

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  • Great.  

    Does (solo and Pro) come with the premium or professional version of Solidworks or is an add on module that costs extra?  Thanks.  joe

  • That is a great question Joe. Solo and Pro are add on modules that cost extra. I will put together some information on what the two programs do  differently to justify the cost and notify you when it is posted.

  • Joe,

    I posted a DriveWorks product matrix here, but please let me know on the support case I have with you if there are any one on one questions you would like addressed.


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