Video: Going from SolidWorks to CircuitWorks

Ed Gilbert

Warning: First off, this is beta material we are releasing to you as our subscription customers.  We need your feedback to get a better idea of the information you would like to see in this series.  This video and form will be changed before this posting becomes 'permanent'.  Please be aware you will need to double-check everything before sending this off to a third party.  If you would like further information on the in's and out's of CircuitWorks,  please check out our online CircuitWorks training program found here

This series of videos will walk you through the following details:

  • Creating a board file in SolidWorks
  • Which syntax you can use in SolidWorks to show features in CircuitWorks
  • Creating a board component
  • The tricks to making board components work
  • Combining the components and the board for a finished piece

Each video is listed below in the order they should be watched.  The first video is at the bottom of this page.

  1. Creating a PCB in SolidWorks: In this video we go over the basics of how you go from nothing to outputting all the details SolidWorks and the IDF 3.0 file format will take.  We will talk about how to work through common errors and limitations.
  2. Making the components: In the next video, we focus on creating mechanical and electrical components to go on our freshly minted board.
  3. Finished piece: In the last video, we cover placing the components onto the board.  Be careful in this section as the recommended workflow is quite surprising.



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    Scott Matheson

    The post makes reference to three videos, but I am only seeing the first, is there a way to see the other two?