Replacing References

Would you like to replace one part with another in a drawing file?  Would you like to do this without losing and then replacing all your annotations?  If the part referenced in the drawing is slightly different, try Replace Reference.  

The following is our guide:  

1. Close all the files, and then click File > Open.

2. Once you are in the Open window, select the drawing file and then click the References... button.



3. Copy the name of the current part being referenced (the one to be replaced) and then select it and press the Replace... button.



4. This will bring up another window.


5. In this Replace window, put the old name in the first field and then the new name in the second field, press Replace and then Close. Then press OK in the References... window.

6. Next press Open to check your work.

7. There may be dangling references that you will have to deal with once you open the drawings depending on how similar the two drawings are. The rest is clean-up work.

Now the drawing file is referencing the new part you have chosen for it.

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