Video: Basics to a Routing Component

Ed Gilbert

Here is our video for the bare essentials to making a Routing Component function. This video may assist with troubleshooting why your custom component is not functioning correctly.


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    Kurt Duclos

    Please tell us what is a C point and an R point.  It would be nice to have an end to end video showing the whole process.

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    Ed Gilbert

    Thank you for the input Kurt. If you do not have your answer the C Point in routing is a Connection Point and the R Point is a Route Point. C points in routing define where a connection change is, an example of this is when you want a wire to show coming out of a connector for a harness. R points are a reminder for the routing program that your route will continue through a component like a clamp. 

    It would be good to show more information in this area and as we are working on creating new content we will put this feedback into where we focus our efforts.