Troubleshooting Mechanical CAD Export

If you are having trouble exporting a file from SolidWorks to another CAD system, here are some steps that can be taken to help your chances of success.

  1. Give as much information about the original file as possible. What units were used? Can SolidWorks read the exported file back into itself?
  2. Determine if the receiving CAD application uses a common kernel either Parasolids or ACIS. If it does, use either of these file formats for the translation.*
  3. Simplify the model in SolidWorks. Suppress or delete fillets and holes before exporting.
  4. Run Verification on Rebuild. Check the integrity of your model by forcing a rebuild with the "Verification on Rebuild" switch turned ON. See article Using Ctrl-Q and Verification on Rebuild.

*For a list of import/export file format recommendations, see the article Recommended Mechanical CAD Import/Export File Types.

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