Document Statistics

Using "Feature Statistics" you can easily view how long it takes to rebuild your part, and also which features take up the most rebuild time. You can then easily suppress these features to help speed up your model. You can open the tool up by:

» Opening up a part

» Go to Tools Pulldown and pick Feature Statistics

"Assembly Statistics" will give you a complete breakdown of your entire assembly to include Total number of parts, Unique Parts, Number of Mates, and many other useful items. You can use this tool by:

» Opening up an Assembly

» Go to the Tools Pulldown and pick AssemblyXpert

"Drawing Statistics" will show you various information about your drawing such as total sheets, total number of views, numbers of annotations such as dimensions and notes, and various other items in a drawing. To use this tool:

» Open a Drawing

» Go to the Tools Pulldown and pick Drawing Statistics

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