Can I Use SOLIDWORKS at Home?

This article answers two questions: Am I able to use SOLIDWORKS at home, and how is this done?

Depending on the type of license you're using (standalone or network), there are different ways of using SOLIDWORKS at a primary and secondary location (i.e. work and home).

Standalone License

With a standalone SOLIDWORKS license, you can activate the software on one machine. If you would like to activate an alternate install, such as one that exists on a home machine, you can easily deactivate your current install via SOLIDWORKS > Help > Transfer Licenses. Note that if you are using SOLIDWORKS 2016 or newer, the name of Transfer Licenses has been changed to Deactivate Licenses. Once you have successfully deactivated your license by walking through the following prompts, you can activate your alternate install by launching SOLIDWORKS on that machine and following the activation prompts that appear. The video below has a section on transferring a license to a different standalone computer.

Please see the End User License Agreement if you have any questions regarding this policy.

SolidNetWork License (SNL)

With a network license, there are TWO ways to access SOLIDWORKS from a secondary location. If you can access the SolidNetwork License Server from the second location, you can use SOLIDWORKS in the same way you would from work. For example, if your company has a clean and consistent VPN, you should be able to access the network license manager from your second location through the VPN. If you cannot access the server from the secondary location, then the license can be borrowed while on the primary network, and used in the second, (off network) location. Please refer to this Hawk Ridge Systems article, How to Borrow a Network License, or this great video on Borrowing and Transferring SOLIDWORKS Licenses.

For further questions regarding Licensing and Activation, please refer to the links below:

SOLIDWORKS-Licensing-and-Registration-START-HERE Licensing and Activation



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