Insert a Picture into a Drawing

You can place any type of Windows file into a drawing by using Insert ->Picture, browsing to the picture file, and positioning and sizing the picture using the edges and corners of the picture outline.

Or you can have an updating picture by choosing Insert ->Object then browsing for a file. This will embed an OLE object into the drawing if you link it (check the link box) while placing it into the drawing. It will try to update the image anytime you open or rebuild the drawing. If it cannot find the original it will display as it was last saved. To have an image display on a part or assembly within the drawing you will need to add the image to the model by using the PhotoWorks decal function.

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  • I'm trying to import a .PDF image into a drawing sheet but after creating the JPEG the image resolution deteriorates upon insertion. See if you can tell me how to improve on this method, please: I opened the .PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader, zoomed way in and took a snapshot of the entire .PDF with the DPI set at 600. I then pasted the snapshot into Paint. When I zoomed into the new paint file, the resolution was still very sharp. I then saved the image to a .jpg (and later even tried a .bmp, and then a png) and tried to do a simple insert/picture of the saved file(s). The file(s) inserted, but the resolution deteriorated to the point where I ccould hardly read the text. Can you see another way to insert the .PDF image and still maintain the resolution. If you want to call to work over the phone, my work number is: 775-750-9405. Thanks - Vincent Carbone


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