SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Requests

Do you have an idea or suggestion you would like to give directly to the SOLIDWORKS development team? Maybe you have a new feature you would like added in?

They have a team dedicated to reviewing and validating these community submitted ideas and this process is how most of the new feature ideas are generated for their development team.


If you would like to see a future release of the software modified to accommodate your request, please submit an enhancement request using the steps below:

  1. Browse to:
  2. Before submitting an idea please search to see if other community members have submitted the same idea.
  3. If you are sure that your idea is unique, click on the "START HERE" post and follow the instructions in the post.

When multiple customers vote for the same idea, the greater the chance it will be added in future releases to the software. Once the enhancement request is implemented the status of your submission will be changed to Implemented by the SOLIDWORKS Product Definition team. 

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  • "icon scaling, option to scale 2016 icons smaller or scale back to the original smaller 2015 size" .. Examples and descriptions here...

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