Editing Imported Geometry (Parts)

After the model has been cleaned up, run FeatureWorks (SolidWorks Professional) to automatically or manually identify the features of the part.

Without FeatureWorks, SolidWorks has a handful of commands that could be used to edit the existing imported geometry:

  • Even if you cannot recreate the model feature history the imported geometry can still be used as reference or part of your design. These new SolidWorks parts will have imported bodies and can be used in assemblies and drawings just as any other SolidWorks parts.
  • One method would be to import the entire geometry into a part and use it as a reference part to recreate your own part. Just be sure not to attach any model references to the imported part so the imported body can be deleted later.
  • Another method would be to directly edit the imported geometry. Even though there is no model history you can still utilize all the feature and surface tools SolidWorks has to offer. Just keep in mind the original imported geometry feature in the feature tree “Imported#” will remain unchanged and all changes made to it will be listed under that feature on the tree.
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