My Computer Isn't Running as Well as a Co-Workers, Do you Have Any Suggestions?


Regmon is a free utility that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Sysinternals website:


  1. Once downloaded, extract the files, run the program regmon.exe, and Regmon will start recording activity immediately.
  2. To start and stop recording use Ctrl E
  3. To clear the display use Ctrl X
  4. To use the tool: Start Regmon. Demonstrate the problem with SolidWorks Stop recording. Use File>SaveAs to export the captured registry accesses. Send the log file generated to Hawk Ridge esupport.


 Question: My computer isn't running SolidWorks well compared to other machines at work. Is there a way to examine the differences between my computer and other computers running normally?


Answer: In a situation where you are experiencing a problem which can be easily reproduced on a particular client machine but not on other machines it may be necessary to examine in detail the registry entries being accessed when SolidWorks is running. The tool 'Regmon' written by the Sysinternals company can be useful in the diagnosis phase of a problem such as this. The Regmon tool records a list of every registry key accessed by a client computer. By running SolidWorks on a client computer and recording these activities and then comparing the results with a computer which is running properly, it is sometimes possible to diagnose a particular source of the problems on the customer's computer.


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