Flow Simulation – Troubleshooting Studies and Solver Failures

If you are running into problems (i.e. Solver Fails, or other errors) with FloWorks these tips and checks will help you resolve the problem.

1. Does your assembly have any overlapping parts that aren't component controlled?

  • If you answered yes, then please fix those. You cannot have any overlapping parts.
  • If you answered no, then please move on to the next item.

2.From the FloWorks pull-down click Tools > Check.  What happens?

  • Does your model/study survive the check?
  • Did the check reveal any invalid contacts?
    • If yes, fix the invalid contacts.
  • Did you get both the fluid and solid volume?
    • If not, fix it so you do and remember that surfaces don't count.

3. Are you using lids?

  • If yes, do they overlap?
    • If yes, remember that lids cannot connect edge to edge.

4. Do your inputs have realistic values?

  • If yes, are they in the right unit system?
  • If yes, do you have benchmarks of what the results should look like to compare against?

5. Does your model have enough elements to capture the geometry?

  • If you don't know or haven't checked then you should check a section view with “use cad geometry” turned off.
  • What does it reveal? 

6. When troubleshooting, Start SIMPLE...take out all of the complexity and just have with a box with an Inlet and  an Outlet.

  • Then, add things until you find the problem. 
  • Then, remove things like temperature dependent materials, etc... until you find what's causing the issue.

7. Are the results converging?

  • If yes, then you are on the right track.
  • If you don't know or haven't checked then you need to start checking and compare all of the results.

Using these basic techniques you will be able to troubleshoot 99% of FloWorks Simulation issues.


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