What controls the stock orientation in the new G code Machine Simulator?

Daniel Lyon

I have my part programmed and I post the code and run it in the machine simulation. The stock seems in the wrong orientation in the machine and the simulation won't get past the first line. Why?

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    Daniel Lyon

    The simulator won't get past the first line because the stock is likely colliding with a part of the machine. There is a setting to turn control how to handle collisions which is in the settings, warning settings menu. It seems to default to pause on collision. The SolidWorks co-ordinate system is the default orientation for the stock. The mill part setup does not control it. To adjust the orientation use a Solidworks co-ordinate system and in the machine (mill-in)>setup tab add it as the co-ordinate system. Once this is set the stock should be in the correct orientation in the machine..