Machining leftover material - rest machining - how do I use it?

Daniel Lyon

I want to rough out with a big tool and then go back and use a smaller tool to finish. How do I get it to do this in the different operations?

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    Daniel Lyon

    In 3, 4 and 5 axis milling this is done through the Rest Machining tab of the operation parameters. In 3 axis you can define from WIP, from previous tool used, or from an STL file. In a 4 or 5 axis (multiaxis operation) you can only go from WIP or STL file.

    In 2.5 axis this is a little more complicated. There is no Rest machining tab - the feature is called Leftover and it's located on the Roughing tab. Just setting the options in here isn't going to get it to actually perform the rest machining. Steps that need to be taken are as follows:

    1) In the first operation (operation using the larger tool) go to the roughing tab, check the Generate option and set the drop down to "No"

    2) Create a second roughing operation for the same feature manually (Right Click setup, Insert 2.5 axis Mill operation, Rough Mill)

    3) Select Edit definition on the operation you just created. Change tool to smaller tool. Go to the Roughing tab, set leftover drop down to Previous Leftover. 

    4) Select preview. You should see the toolpath adjust to only remove the leftover material.