Blank “Link To Property” in SolidWorks Drawing

Blank “Link To Property” in SolidWorks Drawing


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November 2014


Troubleshooting a blank property in a drawing.




SolidWorks Drawings have the capability of automatically pulling custom properties from the part file. This is done through the “Link to Property” tool and can be saved in templates. However, sometimes a note that is linked does not automatically populate. A common reason for this issue has to do with configuration-specific custom properties. You cannot have a configuration specific custom property that has the same name as a document custom property. If you do, the configuration specific value will override the intended custom property.

In this example, a user had an issue with his “description” in his drawing. His text was correctly linked to the custom property, and all of the sheet format settings were correct. However, the description remained blank. Taking a closer look at his part custom properties, he had a configuration specific “description” that was left blank. The drawing was pulling this value instead of the global value.

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