SOLIDWORKS 2017 Pack and Go Changes


This article addresses a change in the folder paths when using the Pack and Go function in SOLIDWORKS 2017.

Beginning with SOLIDWORKS 2017, the software will truncate folder paths to a shorter, relative path when using the Pack and Go function with the "Flatten to a single folder" option unchecked. The change comes about to address problems encountered with long folder paths reaching the Windows 256 character path limit. More information about this change can be found on the "What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2017" web page.

Software Performance Report and Solution

  • SPR 993881: Pack and go does not carry original folders after SW 2017 is installed.
    • Solution: Registry key shortcuts to revert to the "classic" behavior are available in the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Knowledge Base under S-073053. Please contact Hawk Ridge Technical Support if you have any questions.

To view the full report and solution, search for S-073053 in the knowledge base within the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

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