New Process for Deactivating CAMWorks License

This article explains the new process for deactivating your CAMWorks license through the CAMWorks website.


Geometric is doing away with the previous deactivation process of filling out a Word document and sending it to their registration team via email.  Instead, if you require that your CAMWorks standalone or network license needs to be moved to a different computer, you can deactivate the previous activation by simply browsing to the following CAMWorks link and filling out the necessary information:


Note that this is only used for FlexLM Software-based (.lic files) licenses.  A deactivation isn't required for hardware dongles.  Additionally, if you do not know your CPD number or how to identify the computer name, please contact the Hawk Ridge Systems support team.


To complete the activation process on your new computer, it is still required to create a license request.  For more information on how to activate your CAMWorks license, please view the following links:


Standalone License

Network License

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