HawkWare Deactivation Reminder Installation

This guide is for installing and using the new and 100% free HawkWare Deactivation Reminder App.


What is the Deactivation Reminder HawkWare App?

The Deactivation Reminder HawkWare app is a free add-in for SOLIDWORKS that reminds you to deactivate/transfer your SOLIDWORKS license, during specified times, once you close the program. 


Why is there a Deactivation Reminder HawkWare App?

The HawkWare team developed this app to help remind users to deactivate their license before they head home or to an alternate worksite. This simple deactivation process allows a user to then activate their standalone license at an alternate location or home computer.


How do I install the Deactivation Reminder HawkWare App?

First, make sure SOLIDWORKS is completely closed, then follow these steps to install the HawkWare Tools

1. Navigate to HawkWare Downloads 

2. Scroll to the bottom, and hit the "DOWNLOAD" button, a pop-up will appear asking you for your email, and name. Once you have filled out the pop-up window, your HawkWare Tools will begin downloading.

3. Once HawkWare Tools has downloaded, run the downloaded .exe

4. Follow the steps in the HawkWare Tools installation wizard.





 5. After the installation is complete, launch SOLIDWORKS, select Tools at the top bar, then Add Ins. Check that the HawkWare Tools add in is selected.



6. Next, select the HawkWare Tools icon on your Task Pane


Then select "Manage HawkWare Tools"


At this point, HawkWare Tools will ask you to register your product. It only requires an email, name and company.


8. Once the HawkWare Tools Management window is open, select "HawkWareTools DeactivationReminder" and hit "Install"


9. Restart SOLIDWORKS, and then under the HawkWare Tools icon in the Task Pane, select "Deactivation Reminder"


10. Edit your preferred reminder schedule and then hit "SAVE" 



We also have a YouTube video covering the process of using the software HERE.


Thank you for choosing Hawk Ridge Systems, if you need further assistance feel free to give us a call at 877-266-4469.




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