Why Are My Custom Settings Not Being Pushed Out To Administrative Image Clients When Using The New SLDSETTINGS File?

This article addresses the issues with Solidworks 2017 SP0-2 when creating an admin image and using the SOLIDWORKS Settings Administrator.


New to 2017 after you have created an admin image, you have the option to use a new tool called the SOLIDWORKS Settings Administrator. This feature was intended to replace the old system of using the Copy Settings Wizard. The new SLDSETTINGS system is designed to push SOLIDWORKS settings to clients installing with the admin image.



Cause of Issue:

As of right now, 2017 SP0-2, this feature does not work as intended and the admin image will install without error on the client, however none of the selected options will have been pushed to the client. (SPR# 1013877)




The current work around for this issue is to use a Copy Settings Wizard file.

Implement all the settings you want to push out to users on your current SOLIDWORKS installation, and then create the Copy Settings Wizard file. Once you've created a Copy Settings Wizard file, simply rename the file from FILENAME.sldreg to FILENAME.reg. Due to the nature of admin images, we want to store this .reg file on a network location that is accessible by all the client machines. (Example: \\EXAMPLE-SERVER\SolidWorks Admin\)

Using the batch file (.bat) attached to this article, we can run this .reg file so it can make the settings changes to the Solidworks Admin Images. We need to edit this .bat file to point to the correct location of the FILENAME.reg file.

1. Open .bat file with notepad

2. Edit the file location in the .bat file to the location of your .reg file and save your changes


By using the Admin Option Editor (found in C:\SOLIDWORKS Admin\SOLIDWORKS 20XX\sldAdminOptionEditor), we can tell the admin image to launch a file after it is done installing so we can implement the settings from the .reg file.



We will need to select the .bat file to run.



Select "ALL" from the drop down menu, instead of Application




Once this is completed, the admin image will run the .bat file and implement the settings from the Copy Settings Wizard .reg file.

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