Technical Advisory for Unarchiving Projects in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 SP2

This Technical Advisory addresses a project unarchive issue for all SOLIDWORKS 2017 Service Pack 2 Electrical Schematic Professional and Electrical 3D users. There is an issue in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 Service Pack 2 that can potentially affect a limited subset of SOLIDWORKS Electrical users.


Specifically, this group fits a workflow profile that is at higher risk, but it is currently unknown if all project archives are affected. If you utilize either of the workflows below, you have a higher chance of being affected:

  • You have individual client and database server installations for each user (you do not share a single library of symbols, parts, or title blocks on a common network location - each user has their library installed locally)
  • You frequently trade data between discrete libraries via project archives (as in one location with an electrical database server and another sister location with a separate installation of SOLIDWORKS Electrical and database server)

As detailed in SPR 1014115, SOLIDWORKS Electrical project archives saved in versions older than 2017 do not invoke the update data wizard during the un-archive process, and even those saved in 2017 SP2 can fail to process imported data from the project that is not found in the target library database.

This issue means that, while the project will appear unaffected, data from the archived project will not be imported to your library. These unimported items will not be available for future re-use from the target library, and this can affect user’s ability to use the same, consistent parts, symbols, and title blocks as their colleagues.

We’ve developed a video showing how to identify the signs of this issue, and how to determine if it is affecting you and to what degree. Video is linked below.

If you encounter this issue, please contact Technical Support at for potential solutions.

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