How to customize the User Interface in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

This article describes the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic User Interface settings that control background drawing color, mouse cursor crosshair size, and how to add or remove panels to the Documents browser.


 Changing background drawing color

 Many Electrical schematic tools have a dark background color, which is generally easier on the eyes. Instead of the default beige color, we can customize this to whatever color works best for you.


To change the background drawing color select the Tools tab, then select the Interface Configuration button on the far left.

Here you can select the "Drawing background color" option that works best for you. 



Increase cursor crosshair size

Aligning symbols Connection Points, text, or Attributes across a schematic can be difficult. A way to make this much faster and easier is to increase the mouse cursor crosshair so that it spans the entire drawing area. 

To modify this setting, select the Tools tab, then select Interface Configuration. Increase the "Crosshair (% of screen size):" option to 100.




Add or remove panels to the Documents Browser

The SOLIDWORKS Electrical Document Browser can be configured to show the panels that you work with most often. If you're working with Connection Labels, for example, you can add that panel to the Documents Browser, making it quicker and easier to get into the Connection Labels on your schematic.

To add the Connection Label Panel to your Documents Browser, select the View tab. Then, under the Dockable Panels section, simply click on the blue Connection Labels icon in order to add it to your Document Browser. 

You can also add or remove other panels here, in the Dockable Panels section. If you find you've changed the panel layout and would like to set it back to Default, you can select the Reset Panel Layout option.


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