SolidWorks Translator Registry Keys for Composer

Mike Starr

Composer uses settings from SolidWorks when importing SolidWorks assembly files, however if SolidWorks is not installed and the SolidWorks Translator is being used, we do not have direct access to these settings. 

The registry files in this article are used to disable three SolidWorks settings which are responsible for the vast majority of importing issues:

  • 'Use Large Design Review'
  • 'Use Large Assembly Mode'
  • 'Automatically load components lightweight' 


Please locate the Translator version that matches your installation and run the file to update your registry keys.

Note: You must have administrative privileges to apply the registry file.


If you have updated the registry files and are still encountering issues importing SolidWorks files to Composer please contact our technical support.

US: 877.266.4469 CAN: 866.587.6803

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