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SOLIDWORKS Quick Start: Online Licensing - Admin Portal

Welcome to Hawk Ridge Systems Quick Start for the Online Licensing system within the website. 

Please note: Online licensing is only available for SOLIDWORKS 2018 and newer products.The admin portal became available spring of 2018.

This guide contains step by step instructions on how to set up your new MySolidworks Admin Portal and Online Activation for standalone licenses.

  1. First, create a Log-in to if you do not have one already. This will be the exact same username and password as your Customer Portal login. If you have not created a Customer Portal Account, you will just need your email and SOLIDWORKS serial number on hand. Follow this video for steps on initial registration. Once logged into the MySolidWorks site, use the navigation drop down from the upper right corner to locate Admin Portal. Note: This is only available if nobody else in your organization has assumed Admin rights yet.Admin_arrows.png
  2. If needed, ask your company's Admin Portal Administrator, to add you as a "member", and assign you your SOLIDWORKS serial number(s). Note: The first person to log in, by default, becomes the company administrator. If this is your company, then you can remain the administrator and control licenses and assignments. If you need to transfer administration rights, you can promote someone else as administrator, then they can move you back to "member" status.
  3. To activate Online Licensing, select the user, and then select the serial number that has been assigned to that user, and then select "change to online licensing". Note: The Online licensing is only available for SOLIDWORKS 2018sp3 and newer products and is incompatible with older versions installed.Change_to_online_licensiing.png
  4. If the "change to online licensing" is unselectable, locate the currently activated machines on this serial and Deactivate SOLIDWORKS from within SOLIDWORKS using Help>Deactivate. And then log-out and login to the Admin Portal to then select the option
  5. Once you have successfully changed the license type to Online Licensing, please open your SOLIDWORKS. The first time you open SOLIDWORKS after toggling Online Licensing, it will attempt to activate like usual. Please proceed through the regular activation process, which will fail and return the following error: Activation transaction failed: Product is set to use online licensing. This error is expected. Select No on the prompt and then re-open SOLIDWORKS again.Activation_failed_for_Online_Activation.png
  6. Upon the second launch of SOLIDWORKS, you will see a new login window. Enter your MySOLIDWORKS credentials.Log_In.png
  7. Once you have logged in, SOLIDWORKS will open as expected. failed_log_in_message.png
  8. If you see the message above, your credentials were typed incorrectly or not assigned correctly to a license in the Admin Portal. Once resolved, try to launch again.
  9. Once you have opened SOLIDWORKS with online activation, you will see a small blue icon (person) in the upper right. You can control your MySolidworks login by clicking that icon for the drop down menu.SWX_open_crop.png


For additional information about the Admin Portal, check out the official Help.

  1. Do customers need to be on subscription to use Online Licensing? 
    No. This feature is available to all customers using 2018sp3 and newer.
  2. Is Online Licensing available for all SOLIDWORKS products?
    Yes, for all standalone type of licenses including SOLIDWORKS CAD, Simulation, Flow, Plastics, Composer, Electrical, PCB, CAM, Inspection, MBD and Visualize.
  3. Is Online Licensing available for PDM?
    No, because PDM licenses are always a network type of license.
  4. Is there an offline mode for Online Licensing?
    Yes. Click the avatar once SOLIDWORKS is launched, and click "Take offline". This will allow you to use the license for up to 30 days with no internet connectivity. If this is not clicked before going offline, the license will not be available on your computer.
  5. Do any special terms of service apply when using Online Licensing?
    All SOLIDWORKS use must be in accordance with the SOLIDWORKS EULA,

These quick steps are also shown in the video below:

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