Dissolve Sub Assembly in Drawing Bill of Materials (BOM)

When creating Bill of Materials that include Sub-assemblies, sometimes you want to show the components of the Sub-assembly in the top level of the BOM instead of the assembly it is a part of. One way to go about doing this is to Dissolve the Sub-assembly within the BOM, bringing the parts up one level. Note: This method only applies to indented Bill of Materials and does not reflect in the Assembly or any PDM BOM Structure.

With the BOM selected, expand so you can see the part/assembly icons. Right click on the sub-assembly, then select the Dissolve on the fly out menu.

The resulting table should no longer show the sub-assembly and instead show the components that the sub-assembly was comprised of.

You can then organize the BOM as you see fit. Without editing, the BOM now has the (Restructured) after its name, along with a symbol next to the assembly if you can see the part/assembly icons. To revert the BOM back to the original format, simply right click on that assembly icon and select "Restore Restructured Components"


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