Lenovo P50 and SOLIDWORKS 2017 graphics driver issue

Frank Lynn

This article is for a SOLIDWORKS Graphics issue on a Lenovo P50 laptop workstation.

You have a new Lenovo P50 laptop and want to run SOLIDWORKS 2017.
There is a known issue with this computer's factory installed NVIDIA m2000m graphics driver and SOLIDWORKS 2017. In particular, with hi resolution monitors, the selection windows in SOLIDWORKS 2017 open at an unusable small dimension, along with font size irregularities.

There is a two step process to get the best graphics from your new laptop.
Step 1.
To correct these graphics anomalies on the P50 with the m2000m graphics card, we suggest installing the SOLIDWORKS Certified graphics driver for the NVIDIA m2000m.

Please log in to this site and enter your computer and graphics card information.

You can click directly on the one driver number that comes up, download, and install this NVIDIA driver.

Once installed, Restart the computer.

You now have the correct driver for the NVIDIA Quadro m2000m.

This laptop has "2" graphics cards. One is the on-chip Intel, and the high performance NVIDIA Quadro. We need to make sure SOLIDWORKS always uses the NVIDIA Quadro.

Step 2.
Click on the Windows start button, type NVIDIA in the search area, you should see the NVIDIA Control Panel pop up in the list. Click on the NVIDIA Control Panel program, (if it is in the list), and on 3D settings, select program settings, and make sure Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS is set to use the High Performance NVIDIA graphics always.

This forces the computer to use the NVIDIA Quadro every time you open SOLIDWORKS.

(the on-chip Intel graphics is only there for power savings, it is not sufficient for 3D CAD)

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions on your Graphics card and driver combination.



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    John Fitch

    Frank. HOW do I tell the Manage 3D Settings window to use nvidia for everythign. You only have some seemingly random red arrows. I don't know how to carry out your instructions.

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    Frank Lynn

    Hi John,
    To make the Nvidia card run all the time for every Windows function, just click on the Global settings tab, and select it there, and set to "always use the High Performance Nvidia Graphics"

    You can also disable the low power Intel graphics in the device manager. This will force Windows to use the Nvidia for everything.